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The latest book news:

    I am hoping to get Heart's Blood--the third steampunk fantasy--out in both print and e-book sometime in the near-ish future. I'll have my cover any day now, I've edited the story. I'm really hoping it will be soon.

    I am getting some of my older manuscripts out into the e-book market. The books are available for Kindle through Amazon, for Nook through B&N, and also through Apple, Smashwords and all the main outlets. The most recent (which is not all that recent, alas) is Poor Little Rich Girl. This is a sequel to Her Convenient Millionaire which was published by Silhouette Desire a long while back--when Silhouette was still publishing Desires. The imprint is now Harlequin Desire. Anyway, Poor Little Rich Girl is a short contemporary romance set in Palm Beach, Florida.

    Knight in Black Leather is a contemporary, non-paranormal romance set in Pittsburgh. I have a new cover for it!

    Heart of Stone is an alternate-universe fantasy romance with a hero from a magical world coming to ours on a quest. Look in My Books for more information. Or just click the links.

    Keep an eye on the blog and/or Twitter (though I know I'm horribly behind in both locations), and I'll keep you posted. And if you need a quick, printable list of my books, it's here.

    If you want to keep up with the very latest info about Gail Dayton, and the books I'm writing and what's going on, skip over to my blog. It's as much about my life as about the writing. Everyday sorts of things like walking on the beach or sticking a toe into this self-publishing thing or my family. (We have a new grandbaby! Our first little girl!) When things are going well with the writing, I do note it down, as well as the days when I want to beat my head against the desk. You're not going to get stories about me chasing shoplifters down the mall.

    I'm a writer. I spend my working days sitting in my office, writing stuff at my desk (I'm one of those freakish throwbacks who writes first drafts in longhand.) (Yes, I am insane.) (Rollerball pen on college-ruled looseleaf notebook paper kept in colored manila folders, for those who simply have to know. And I change from black ink to blue ink and back again every day, so I can tell when I start and stop for the day.) and staring out the windows when the words aren't coming. Stop by and say hello.

--Gail Dayton

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What's New?

    If I had any new news, I would tell you. Really. Or you could go check out the blog.

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